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When I first got an inquiry from Sarah about photography, she had mentioned she recently relocated to Lynchburg from Charlotte. Well, you know I had to ask and hope that they were Panthers fans… and they are! Being married to one of the most dedicated Carolina Panther fans out there, I knew this was going to be the beginning of a great relationship! Things I learned about Sarah and Brian during their session is that Brian loved making her laugh and smile. They are incredible people, very warm and easy going.  We went to a few locations downtown and ended the evening at Point of Honor. It was a slightly overcast that day and the sun managed to sneak through the clouds just in time for some beautiful back light. I cannot wait to be a part of their wedding and watch them tie the knot in October at West Manor Estates!

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If you are recently engaged and planning a Virginia wedding contact me for more information on wedding photography packages and open dates for 2015 and 2016.

Elizabeth Seidel, Virginia wedding photographer,  located in Lynchburg, VA serving the greater Virginia area including Hampton Roads, Richmond and Roanoke.

Originally I had a beautiful maternity session scheduled for Henley’s parents, but baby girl had some other plans and came a little early. This ended up working out perfect because it meant I got to see her sweet face and spend a Saturday morning with her mom, dad, doggies and her! She was as sweet as could be. A long and tiny thing. The love joy she has clearly brought to so many people was obvious. Who doesn’t love a new baby? She already loves country music and her parents already new that, so that’s what was playing to help calm her down. She is just as beautiful as her mommy. When I look at the photos, I realize even more how a new baby can bring a new sense of gratitude for your spouse. The connection between all three of them was amazing. Thank you to Melissa and Chris for allowing me into their home to capture these fleeting moments. Just look at these few highlight photos… Is it love or what? Just look at that smile on her sweet face in the first set of photos. Welcome to the world sweet girl!

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It’s hard to keep this to 5, but I think this sums up why I love photographing weddings so much. I remember as a 9 or 10 year old girl playing “Perfect Wedding” with my friends. Do you remember this game?? We used to cut out things from the bride magazines and make our own cards to plan our perfect weddings. I always loved looking through those magazines, and as I grew up, I enjoyed looking at wedding photographs. That is where the real story lies, in the photographs. Images that will be around for years to come. Moments that will held so close to a couples heart. So, here they are, my top 5 reasons I love being a wedding photographer.

1. I love the moments a wedding offers.

Not only do I love that wedding days are full of pure happiness and joy because two people are getting married, but it’s the moments in between that really get me. The joy on a mother’s face as her son walks down the aisle. A son in law helping his new father with his tie. The kiss a father gives his daughter as he gives her away. The moment when a bride first puts her dress on and sees herself in the mirror… these are all part of the big day, and I love being there to photograph it.



2. I like what comes off my camera.

True. I love getting home from a wedding, completely drained from a long day of shooting and sitting down at my computer to upload photos. I sit and watch them upload just looking through them and enjoying the day all over again. I get to go through and pick some of my absolute favorites to share right away and that is an awesome feeling. Just knowing that I will be able to show the photos to the couple again is amazing.


3. I never had a “wedding”

Surprised?! It’s true. Will and I got married downtown at the courthouse. It was perfect for us, it was just what we needed at the time. We say maybe down the road will we have a vow renewal with all the fun wedding things, but we will see. I think the fact that I never had a dress, bouquet, never got to pick out a venue attributes to how much joy I feel being a part of weddings. I’ve never met a wedding I didn’t love. I feel like being there to witness all that pure happiness allows me to live something I never got a chance to… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


4. I get to work with amazing people

Seriously, the people I have met on my journey of being a wedding photographer have been amazing. I’ve been able to work with the most fabulous couples, their families. I’ve cried with moms at the end of the night. I’ve worked with amazing second shooters that offer new perspective. I’ve met fabulous caterers and DJs.


5. Every wedding is different, new, and awesome.
Isn’t that what is so awesome about weddings? No two are the same. Even at the same venue, each wedding offers it’s own unique style, a new first dance song, a new love, a new story.


So there you have it! I love weddings!! If you or someone you know is recently engaged, I would love to chat!

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If you are recently engaged and planning a Virginia wedding contact me for more information on wedding photography packages and open dates for 2015 and 2016.

Elizabeth Seidel, Virginia wedding photographer,  located in Lynchburg, VA serving the greater Virginia area including Hampton Roads, Richmond and Roanoke.

As I reflect on my 365 Project, I wanted to share a few things I learned and did and why it was the best personal project I’ve ever committed to. I could write a lot and go on an emotional rant, but it’s my family, it’s super personal. Instead of doing that, I’m sparing my readers and narrowing it down to the top 12 things I learned, followed by the collection of photos in (almost) months. I wanted them to still be semi visible so I grouped them the best I could to facilitate that.

1 – there are no rules
Except one. Take one photo a day for an entire year. I didn’t want to limit myself by setting other rules. It didn’t have to be my kids (although it mostly was and that’s ok), it didn’t have to be outside, it didn’t have to be a certain lens. It was usually whatever lens had been on the camera from a previous session but sometimes I’d change it up. I edited all types of ways, which helped me grow in my knowledge of photoshop and if I felt like a black and white then that’s what I did. I set absolutely no limits other than taking a photo a day.

2- sometimes focus is off
Let’s be honest. I have two small children. It was not realistic for me to take 20 plus photos a day of things. Often times I grabbed the camera off the desk in a quick second hoping to capture whatever it was I noticed they were doing. Sometimes I tried to snap before I had the best settings, some of the photos/days this was hard to accept but some days I loved what I got… it’s the moment that matters most.


3- it’s real life and I forgot the camera a lot
I did my best to try to take the camera places with us. I was not very good at this. Lugging a baby carrier, a diaper bag, the knick knacks my son wants to take everyone, AND a heavy camera seemed daunting some days. It’s real life. Lots of photos were taken on walks and at home. If I was going to do it again, I would strive to take the camera everywhere we went. There was even one time that I left the camera at my parents and I made my husband turn the car around to get it so I could post my daily photo. I did a great job actually posting a photo a day for the first 6 months. After that a bit of reality moved in with the baby being mobile and I tended to go 3-9 days without uploading and had to upload online all at once. I still took the photos each day.

4- my kids are still kids and not models
God love my children who completely went through this with me. There were definitely days of my talking Sterling into letting me take a photo of him. Maybe some bribes with York Peppermint Patties, his favorite. Some days they were more like models when I didn’t have to convince them. Those were awesome days.


5- it was hard
It is so hard to do this project. It just is. It’s a day in, day out commitment. Now if only I could commit to the gym like that.


6- it’s an entire year
Which is awesome. I have an entire year of photos of my family’s day to day moments and life. When I see all the photos together in a collage, you could literally point to any one and I could tell you what was happening that day or what was going on at that moment. That is one of my favorite things. Like they say, a picture tells a thousand words.



7-you have to find balance
Ohhh balance. Why are you so hard? There were times when I had work that prioritized over my personal project. There were days I wanted to edit my own photos and enjoy that, but I love my job and I had to back burner this in terms of uploading and sharing a few times. I had to find the balance of not shoving my camera in my kids faces at moments when I really wanted to take a photo. I had to be present in their lives without my camera.


8- i never took more than about 10 photos a day and I liked that.
I just didn’t. Living in the digital age, it’s hard not to get carried away with trying it again, and again, and again. It wasn’t going to be worth it to me, and honestly, I wasn’t really wanting to put that kind of wear on my camera bodies. There were some days when I literally only took one photo. Some days I took 10 and wanted to share 5 of them.



9. I wish I had done more
I wish I had done more to get the photos I had in my head. Since I will not be doing the 365 this year, my goal is to shoot more of what I want to shoot on a personal level. Perhaps a few larger projects.


10. Just do it
Around days 40-70, and with the arrival of a new baby, the reality set in. This was a make or break portion of my project. I’m so glad I stuck it out and I encourage you to do the same. A photo a day. What could you capture? What moment will you never get back but be able to remember with your children in 10 or 20 years?


11. Supportive family and friends
I definitely could not have accomplished this without the support of my friends and family. The likes, the comments, the messages saying, “where is your photo for today?!?” Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and looked forward to seeing my life.


12. It was the best thing I ever did for my children.
This is a slight repeat of #10, but this is true. I have sooo many things to talk to my children about down the road. Not only did I document the first 9 months of Palmer’s life, but I also was able to document Sterling and all the growing up he did with the arrival of a new little sister. It has been an amazing year and I love that I will have these photos forever. I look forward to ordering an album and I will share that when it arrives!!!2016-01-04_0011

Now, get your camera out and start taking photos of your life!



Elizabeth Seidel, Virginia wedding photographer and portrait photographer  located in Lynchburg, VA serving the greater Virginia area including Hampton Roads, Richmond, Roanoke and beyond.

  • Susan Roberts - I truly enjoyed getting to know you and your kids and even Will through your pictures. Was such a good project and I truly enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Sterling is such a ham and Palmer is just adorable. Well Will is Will! Look forward to seeing more pics even though will not be a daily thing although I really can’t picture you without your camera!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you so much, Susan! Means so much to hear that.ReplyCancel

I had a fabulous time hanging out with Megan and her family (we snuck in some family photos as well). She is so beautiful and has this amazing attitude and way about her. I hope you enjoy looking at some of my favorites from her senior portraits session.